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Dopps Chiropractic Chart of effects
Nerve Function Chart

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession is based on a Science, Philosophy and Art.  Get the Big Idea which is that “The Power That Made The Body Heals The Body.”  Chiropractic is founded on Neurology of the Brain and that the Central Nervous System is the Master System in the body controlling and coordinating all of the bodies functions.  When there is injury to the spine causing a change in alignment or movement which interrupts the flow of energy.  As a result the Brain signals to the muscle, cell, organ or tissue connected to that nerve resulting in disfunction.  In everyday life we see this manifest as Symptoms.

Correction of the alignment or improvement of the motion can result in reduction of pain or symptoms by allowing improved communication of the Brain to Body connection and allowing the body to heal itself.  To the right is called the Chart of Effects this chart shows the spinal column, the nerve supply and what it controls at different levels of the spine and common symptoms that can result from interruption of this nerve.

Dopps Chiropractic
Dopps Chiropractic Phases of Spinal Subluxation

There are however limitations to the results you can expect.  This is determined by what level of arthritis effecting the patient.  The longer the injury is present in the spine the greater the arthritis.
There are Three main phases of arthritis.

Phase 1

Initial injury resulting in inflammation, pain, muscle spasms and decreased movement.  If left untreated the injury will progress to phase 2.

Phase 2

Inflammation, increased pain, muscle spasm and decreasing movement.  With this phase the patient has neglected treatment  of this injury or masked the pain for 10-20 years  and the disk space is decreasing and there is more intruption of the nerve supply.

Phase 3

This Phase is noted as severe arthritis and is total neglect where there is complete degneration of disk and the bones fuse together. Finally at this phase there is nothing that can be done to improve health of the spinal segment.

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5 most dangerous word
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Degenerative joint disease







There is no time like the present to see the state of health in your spine.  Most people wait till they are in their 40’s to start taking care their spine. What if most people waited so long to get their teeth checked.  Consequently the fact that no-one wants to wait that long because they know how unhealthy that would be and the level of decay.  The same is true for your spine.  Start today and in 3 months you will think yourself!

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