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Dr. Rory Dopps graduated from Parker University in Dallas TX in 2004 and since has practiced in his hometown community of Wichita Kansas. Before his education in chiropractic he attended University of Kansas where he studied Biology and Anatomy. Dr. Rory has come from a long line of Chiropractors in his immediate family seventeen to be exact. All this experience has shaped Dr. Dopps into the Doctor he is today.


Dr. Rory Dopps has successfully treated many spinal conditions from bulged or herniated disks to fractures of the spine. Dr. Rory’s practice is focused on the spine, but also can provide extremity adjustments.  Proper motion, diet and exercise are essential to decrease effects of stress. Specific adjustments and care plans for all ages.

Dr. Rory Dopps specializes in a wide range of clients from newborn babies, children, adults, elderly, expecting mothers and athletes. In addition he has been the official chiropractor for the Wichita Thunder Hockey ECHL team from 2009-2016, treated Pro Golfers from the PGA Wichita Open Tournament, Wichita Wingnut Baseball AA Chiropractor, Special Olympic Athletes, Power lifters, College Volleyball Athletes, Wichita Junior Thunder, MMA Fighters and many High School Athletes. Most of all Dr. Dopps discusses the Bio-Mechanics with each patient and gives them tips on how to improve their performance to decrease injuries and get them back in the game.


In March of 2013 Dr. Rory Married the love of his life Danielle Dopps.  They fell in love at first sight.  Danielle is a brilliant woman with multiple degrees, first of all she has a BS degree in Human and Environmental Science from University of Arkansas and second License Practical Nurse.   Dr. Rory and Danielle’s biggest accomplishment their son Kruz who was born in 2014.  Kruz is very kind and strong boy who has a heart to serve his parents and help others.  Dopps Chiropractic our family bringing health to yours for 40 years.

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