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Tip 25: Creating daily strong posture habits

Brush and balance

Did you know you can strengthen your posture as you brush your teeth?  It’s easy, just lift one leg (bend the knee and bring it up slightly) and balance on one foot as you brush.

Posture is HOW you Balance your Body  2nd Posture Principle

Forcing your body to stabilize while you’re brushing is a really time efficient way to work your core muscles. The challenge of centering and staying upright engages the core back and belly muscles, which is a self-help method for those wanting to minimize postural low back pain. Plus, improving balance can fine-tune athletic performance, and reduce falls as we age.  Another bonus… it burns calories!

To get the most benefits, try to maintain optimal posture and position while balancing.

StrongPosture® Balance

  • BE A STORK and stand your tallest
  • Raise your knee until your thigh is parallel with the floor
  • Don’t wave your arms around
  • Don’t lean forward, back or to the side
  • Touch the wall or cabinet if you need to stabilize
  • Repeat on the other side

You’re increasing your awareness of standing tall while training deep muscles and nerves to keep you that way.  It’s an easy change to your routine to strengthen your posture and balance…while you brighten your smile.

Day 25 Morning Routine

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