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Tip 27: Make adjustments to sit taller in the car

Training good habits

How’s your driving posture?  As people become more posture aware, many notice their posture is more bent forward on the drive home than it was during the morning drive to work.  Most likely the culprit is fatigue and/or sitting in front of a computer all day.

Rear View Mirror Posture Tip

Instead of adjusting your rear view mirror down, follow this driving posture advice to adjust your posture up.

  • Before you get in the car, do a StrongPosture® exercise Wall Lean to open up your chest, free your shoulders, lengthen your spine and stand your tallest
  • When you get in the car in the morning adjust your car seat to sit taller
  • Next, adjust your mirror so it’s a just tiny bit higher than usual

The goal is adjusting the mirror to encourage you to sit your tallest.

If the mirror seems too high, instead of turning the mirror down, try readjusting your seat to help you sit more erect while lifting your head up.

If you drive long distances you might need to build up to maintaining good posture while driving. Try it for a few miles and build up overtime – you’ll train better sitting habits and a stronger core while you travel!

Day 27 Driving Posture

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