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Tip 28: Creating good habits to avoid injury

Stay upright when you bend

“I don’t know what happened. I just bent over to pick something up and now my back hurts.”

Simply bending over is a surprisingly common cause of back injury and pain. It often occurs when someone bends at the waist and hips instead of bending the knees to lower the body.

To increase stability and minimize straining your back when you bend down, be sure to keep your head right above your feet (not forward of your feet). Keep your back as erect as possible and centered over your hips and feet and squat down rather than bend forward. When bending down, don’t twist your body.

bending- knees, stay upright, stack your zones, head over heels, don’t lean forward avoid waist bend

Proper Bending

  • Look straight ahead, don’t twist
  • Keep your head up and over your torso, your torso over your pelvis
  • Engage your core by pulling your belly in and tucking your buttocks under slightly
  • Bend your knees to lower your body
  • Keep feet about hip distance apart and your heels down and planted on the ground
  • If you’re picking something up, bring the object close to your center before you rise


Bend and lift smarter and stronger by training focused control of each PostureZone®.  If you do this with awareness a few times each day you’ll find neglected core muscles and train yourself to stand taller.

Day 28 Proper Bending

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