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Tip 31: Check your posture, change your habits

Beyond the Posture Month Challenge

Posture Month is a time to really look at your posture, and check in with how you’re treating the only body you have. Especially with texting and sitting behind a computer at work, followed by sitting in front of a television at home, bad habits are causing an epidemic of folded over posture. Plus, as we get older, gravity bends us more, aggravating the issue.

Wrap up the 31 days to Stronger Posture by taking a follow up posture picture. Compare today’s posture check with the photo from Day 1 and note any changes. If you haven’t already be sure to get a posture check from a professional.

Use the Posture Month strategy all year to ACE Your Posture

  • Be Posture AWARE
  • Take CONTROL of your body with focused exercise
  • Build your ENVIRONMENT to be optimized for your habits and body

Being aware is the first step to fighting slumped over posture. The body is designed to move, so especially if you spend most of your time sitting, adopt just a few new habits we introduced during the challenge to make a world of difference.

Review the 31 Days to Stronger Posture tips, and pick one to focus this week. Write it on a note and post it next to your computer or on the refrigerator. Next week, pick another. A little at a time, add smart posture habits to retrain your posture and make a gradual change.

Pay attention to how you move, and “Think Tall” when you exercise. Walk more, lift your phone to eye level when you text, and open your chest to breathe deeply (it’s a key part of StrongPosture®).

Get a Pro Analysis

If you’re not moving the way you should, or are having pain when you move certain ways, consult a professional. Trained posture specialists can provide information on Posture Breaks, sitting strong, texting smart and other ways to improve and strengthen your posture, as well as assess your symmetry to help improve motion with specific exercises focused on your posture.

By incorporating these new habits to ACE Your Posture, you’ll be standing tall, moving well and feeling great with StrongPosture®.

Day 31 ACE Your Posture

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