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How much function is good enough?  When most people think function they might think of mechanical devices like thier car or computer.  If a system in your car is not functioning say, the battery won’t hold a charge then the car maybe functioning at 80%.  Not good, at any moment the cars function could decrease and other of its systems may shut down from stress.

When we think of our bodies how much function is good enough for you to live?  I want 100% function!  Function equals life and this is what our Nervous System is known for. The Brain is responsible for coordinating function or life for your entire body.  Most people don’t know that when a nerve is pinched it has to be pinched 60% of the way before you feel pain.  This 60% which is paralyzed is mainly responsible for function and by having a pinched nerve you are lowering your ability to ever function at 100%.

Chiropractic is the science of detecting dysfunction and removing the interference to restore life or function to the bodies system.  Can you tell me what percent of function your spleen is working at?  The amazing part about your nervous system is that it will provide function to organs and organ systems with out you thinking about it.   Our bodies are amazing!

So, I have an opportunity for you. If you feel that you have decreased function or a pinched nerve and want to learn more contact our office and find out what you are livings with.  See how much better you can feel!

Dr. Rory Dopps


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